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Mason Munitions Mossberg Minishell Adapter

The Mason Munitions Mossberg Minishell Adapter is obviously something special. Oftentimes, simple is better, and with this 12 gauge minishell adapter, the process could not go smoother or easier when it comes to minishell reliability.

Why Mason Munitions Minishell Adapters are the Best on the Market?

Created, designed and manufactured in the United States, this quality minishell adapter is based around reliability and ease of use. Through testing, we have found that using our 12 gauge minishells paired with the minishell adapter are oftentimes more reliable than other minishell manufacturers in the industry such as Aguila Minishells or Federal Shorty Shells as an example.

Who Are Minishells For?

minshell adapterPeople are still finding out the benefits of minishells. In the past, reliability was, at times, never there. But there is hope. We have continued to improve our minishell adapter designs over the years. In the past, minishells tended to flip or jam, but with the minshell adapter made by Mason Munitions, it is simply in the past with increased reliable shell operation that installs within seconds and without the use of tools. Easily swap it out if you want to change back to full shotgun loads.

Far less recoil is one of the benefits of these tiny 12 gauge Mossberg shells. If you hate massive recoil during skeet practice or bird hunting you might want to consider these shells.

How Is The Mason Munitions Minishell Adapter Made?

minishell adapterManufactured in Texas, our minishells are made with a proprietary blend of quality plastics that gives a “rubber-like” feel which allows for a reliable feed of minishells into a Mossberg 12 gauge pump-action shotgun. Through 1000’s of rounds of testing we have perfected the adapter which is ideal in self-defense and sport shooting situations.

At a very cost-effective price point, the adapter is worth a try, even if you are on the fence about a smaller load shell. You will quickly find that minishells are a great way to introduce new shooters to the sport with its lighter than expected recoil.



10 thoughts on “Mason Munitions Mossberg Minishell Adapter”

  1. Hello, i own a mossberg 535. All the literature ive read about the mossberg minishell adaptor says it will fit/work in the 500, 590 and maverick 88. Is there a difference in the receiver opening of the 535 and other 500 series mossberg? Ive asked around and have gotten vague answers. No one seems to have actually tryed it in a 535…Im curious about this and would like to know before i purchase one. Thank you for your time and consideration.

    1. Hi Doug! We appreciate your interest in minishells and our adapter. We sent you an email seeing how we can arrange to get an adapter in your hands to test things out in a Mossberg 535 for us. We are eager to receive the feedback.

        1. Hi Lucius! Thanks for your interest in our products! Unfortunately, the adapter required some doctoring to get it seated in the right position in the gun. So it doesn’t provide the same level of confidence. But we will be more than happy to send you an adapter to try out and provide your feedback with the 535 as well. I will send you an email to get that set up.

  2. Loved seeing the adapter in action on YouTube. I have an Italian Valtro tactical pump that I would love to load with minishells. It has a chrome spring load feed ramp. As such,I would guess it to not be compatible with the Mini-Clip. I’d love to send a pic of the shotgun underside but perhaps I am hoping against hope I can use your product. Thanks for any feedback.

    1. Hi Mario! I would love to see what the lifter on the Valtro looks like. I will send you an email so you can send the pictures. Looking forward to helping you out!

  3. Ordered one for my shotgun, Mossberg 535, and I had to modify it some to make it work. Still worth it to me as without it the minishell would flip backwards or fall through the lifter.

  4. Hello. I just bought a beautiful Mossberg 535. Also did not realize I could not fit an adapter for minishells. If you have more information about progress in fitting an adapter for the 535 that would be great. If you need a tester I am ready to start. I have the 20 inch high capacity kit coming for it and would like to fill it full of minishells.

  5. I put one of these in my Shockwave and now everyone wants to shoot it. MiniShells are the way to go in little shotguns like these. The adapter works great.

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