What is a “minishell”?

A minishell is essentially a short shotgun shell. Our 12 gauge minishells are 1.5″ long compared to the standard 2.75″ shells. Don’t let their stature fool you though. They are potentially more effective and can be just as lethal. Why are our shells better than the competitors you might ask? First, our shells are translucent, so you can actually see what you are shooting. Second, if you compare our shells to Aguila’s competing product, you will see that our shells contain more lead while also being shorter.


The biggest upside to using our 12 gauge mini shell in your shotgun is the ability to carry more rounds. More shells fired before having to reload means more targets that can be hit. Our shells have slightly less recoil than a traditional shell, allowing you to stay on target easier. The reduced recoil also allows for men and women of diverse ages to be able to shoot comfortably.

  • More total shots before reloading
  • More total output of lead
  • Less recoil


Minishells work most effectively when paired with our minishell adapter and used in a Mossberg model shotgun. The minishell adapter fits into Mossberg 500, 590, and 590A1 models, and also the Maverick 88.


After installing the minishell adapter, the 12 gauge minishells function just as a regular shell.


Make sure gun is on SAFETY. Ensure firearm is unloaded with no shells in either the magazine tube or chamber. Slide pump slide into extended position.


Squeeze and insert the back flat end into the magazine loading port at an angle.


Push the rest of the adapter down into the magazine well so that it is flush to the rear and the bottom. Rack the slide a few times to make sure that the Minishell Adapter is in the correct position. It should not move. If it does, remove the adapter and repeat steps 1-3.

STEP 4 – Removal

Make sure gun is on SAFETY. Ensure firearm is unloaded with no shells in either the magazine tube or chamber. Pull slide back so that it is retracted halfway. Insert a finger into the magazine well and hook the front end of the adapter. After the nose is angled out, the adapter can be pinched and pulled out completely.

Be part of the shotgun REVOLUTION!


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