Birdshot (12ga)


Our standard 12 gauge minishell with lead shot

  • Lead Sizes:
    • #7.5 = .095″
    • #4 = .130″
  • 1200 fps
  • All ¾ oz lead loads
  • 20 shells per box

Price is per box. Feed adapter sold separately. Please note that the free shipping option applies only to orders of our minishell adapters, not minishells.

Why Minishell

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The best minishell option when looking to maximize shot spread. Our 12 gauge birdshot minishell rounds carry 3/4 oz loads of either #7.5 or #4 lead. Both types of birdshot minishells cycle reliably in Mossberg model pump action shotguns with the use of our minishell adapter. Comparing to the leading competition, you will see that our minishells contain a larger load and pack a heavier punch. Speaking of our competition, we are so confident in our product, we invite you to compare our shells versus theirs. Feel free to check out Aguila’s minishells. We know that our minishells are better.

The competitor’s birdshot minishells carry a 5/8 oz load. Our birdshot minishells carry a 3/4 oz load. That’s 12.5% more lead per shot! Also, have you ever had the problem of dumping shells out of the box, having them mix with other emptied boxes, then realizing you don’t know which shells are which when you pick them up? We understand the frustration. That is why our shells have a clear overshot card so the contents of the minishells can easily be seen and the hulls themselves are translucent, so the shotshell contents can be seen from multiple angles. Good luck doing that with solid red shells.

These minishells are made with a roll crimp and have an overall length of 1.5″. 1.5″ is shorter than all of the other minishells on the market as well. When it comes to increasing carrying capacity of your 12 gauge shotgun, the Mason Munitions minishells reign supreme. To learn more about why our products are the new wave in shotgun defense, check out our write up on the Why Minishell page.

For custom orders or international orders please contact us, here.


We are now allowing backorders. The demand in the market is extremely high right now, so please be patient with us in filling your orders.

*Update 1/20/22: Our suppliers are still having issues, so delays are going to continue for the foreseeable future.

Weight 27.2 oz
Dimensions 9 × 2.5 × 1.5 in
Lead Size

#7.5 = .095", #4 = .130"


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